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Property Damage


Property damage is covered by either Collision coverage or Comprehensive coverage.

Collision Coverage pays for physical damage to your car as the result of a collision with an object or another car. This coverage is expensive and is optional but may be required by your lending institution or lessor.

The higher the deductible, the more you will save on the cost of coverage. Collision coverage only covers your financial expenses for repair of your damaged car. If the repair cost exceeds the current value of your automobile the insurer will "total" the car and pay you only what the car is worth, not what it would cost to repair.

Comprehensive Coverage pays for damage to your car other than the result of an accident, such as, theft, fire, severe weather, flood, and vandalism. It is not as expensive as collision coverage and the cost can be reduced as you increase the deductible. This coverage is optional but may be required by your lending institution or lessor.  



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