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Types of Policies
Optional Coverages

What is Insured?
Coverage A - Dwelling:
Provides protection for the dwelling on an all risks basis up to the policy limits. The policy limit is set by the policyowner at the time the insurance is purchased. You can choose to insure your home and belongings for either replacement cost or actual cash value. The home should be insured for replacement cost. Replacement cost is the amount it would take to replace or rebuild your home or repair damages with materials of similar kind and quality, without deducting for depreciation. Depreciation is the decrease in home or property value from the time it was first built or purchased because of age or wear. Actual cash value is the amount it would take to repair or replace damage to your home after depreciation. Most insurers require homeowners to insure their homes for at least 80 percent of the replacement cost. If you insure for less than 80 percent of the replacement cost of your home, any loss payment from your insurance company will be subject to a coinsurance penalty. You may wish to insure at 100 percent of replacement cost so you will have sufficient coverage in the event of total loss.

Coverage B - Other Structures:
Provides protection for unattached structures such as tool sheds, detached garages, houses and their contents. Coverage B is usually equal to 10 percent of the policy limit on Coverage A.

Coverage C - Personal Property:
Provides protection for personal belongings. Items such as clothing, furniture and standard electronics are covered. Some policies may include credit card theft and away from home theft. The policy limit on Coverage C is equal to 50 percent of the policy limit on Coverage A. Most standard home insurance policies cover the contents of your home on an actual cash value basis. Many insurers offer an option to insure your belongings at replacement cost. The premium will be higher for this coverage but may be worthwhile. Some forms of personal property, such as, silverware, computers, guns, money, expensive antiques and jewelry, have limited coverage under the homeowner's policy and may be added to the policy as an endorsement

Coverage D - Additional Living Expenses:
If your home is damaged to the extent of being uninhabitable, this coverage will pay for the living expenses away from the home while repairs are being made. These expenses could include limited motel, restaurant and warehouse storage. The policy limit to Coverage D is equal to 20 percent of the policy limit on Coverage A.

Coverage E - Personal Liability:
This coverage protects you against a claim or lawsuit resulting from bodily injury or property damage to others caused by your negligence. For example, your dog bites someone, your child breaks a window or a friend or stranger hits his or her head on something. This coverage applies to you and all family members who live with you. The amount of coverage is determined by the policyowner at the time the policy is issued.

Coverage F - Medical Payments to Others:
Regardless of who is at fault, this coverage pays for the medical expenses for persons accidentally injured on your property.

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